2 foot roll of bubblewrap

I was in my favourite stationery shop in all of London, Fish & Cook on Blackstock Road, to buy some of those horrible ink cartridges for my printer. I was halfway home before I realised that my two year old son had managed to nick a 2 foot roll of bubblewrap (he'd managed to conceal it under his pram). We took it home and I phoned The Stationer. He said he wouldn't get the police involved this time, which was very gracious of him. The 2 foot roll of bubblewrap was immensely versatile and the kids loved using as as a chunky light sabre/intercontinental ballistic missile/head rest. I now wish I'd kept the 2 foot roll of bubblewrap. 

I've a mate who used to have a roadside bubblewrap fetish. I don't love it that much, but it is amazing stuff

N19 Cafe, Holloway Road

I came in the early evening and sat down with my strong little cup of coffee to watch  the sea of humanity on Holloway Road flow by –  families, workers, couples, old folk, kids, joggers, bikes, cars, lorries, buses. Lavazza Americano is served in a little white enamel cup. Midge Ure on the radio and he's actually quite interesting talking about how he got to become the singer in Ultravox but inevitably all the presenter wants to know about is Bob Geldoff and Live Aid. The melancholy-eyed woman sweeping up is half listening to it then a bloke comes in and says it's time to shut up now so I go a bit further down the road, about 100 yards, for a  similar coffee where 80s power ballads are blaring out and at a nearby table a young woman is talking very loudly about her girlfriend and  travel escapades and how she could never have sex with a bloke. "Urgh, the thought!" she says as her quiet friend tries to calm her agitated baby.