‘Never Let Her Slip Away’

This morning I was sitting on the top deck of a no. 19 bus. Around Highbury Corner the conductor started to whistle the tune to Andrew Gold’s ‘Never Let Her Slip Away’. He whistled it from there all the way to where I got off near to the old Penny Black pub on Exmouth Market/Rosebery Avenue (can’t remember what it’s called now – something like Le Cafe Pretentious). I said to him “I haven’t heard Andrew Gold’s ‘Never Let Her Slip Away’ for about 20 years. Cheers for that.”

“Was it by Andrew Gold?” he said. “I just know the tune. I had no idea who it was by.”

“You should listen to it and learn to whistle the intro. It’s got these lovely off the beat organ chrods.”

“Thanks, I will,” he said.

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