Clissold Park Bowling Green Martial Arts Society

The old bowling green in Clissold Park has recently become a martial arts zone. Of particular interest is the modern hybrid form practiced by two white-tracksuited youngsters. It looks to be a combination of tai chi, judo, robotic dancing and generally hanging around looking bored. Quite how this form would fair in straight combat is hard to say, though the bright white robes/shellsuits might be off-putting enough to an attacker for the martial artists to leg it in the other direction.


aikidoLast night I put my foot through the bath. I simply stood up to get a towel and my foot just went straight through, sending water cascading through the bathrrom and down into the kitchen. There’s now a big hole and two bits of bath – some kind of twin skin acrylic resin stuff. I still can’t explain it – I’m not that heavy (about 12 stone). Maybe it’s like a karate type thing where you focus all your power into one part of your body. Don’t think I’ll tell the insurance people about my copy of The Power of the Internal Martial Arts by Bruce Kumar Frantzis. In fact, I think I’ll store it in the loft for a couple of weeks, until this Foot Through Bath incident is forgotten.