My Amazing European Photo Album

My Amazing European Photo Album charted my progress through various western European countries in the autumn of 1989. At the very moment Europe was changing and the iron curtain was coming down, there was me having my photo taken with various gurning characters in bars.

About 15 years ago I decided to go off to live in S. America for a while and so one night just before I left I said to my wife, who was living in a flat above the big laundrette in Blackstock Road,  "can you look after my Amazing European Photo Album?" I can’t remember her answer – we were both pretty drunk – but after that I stopped worrying about the photo album because it had now become her responsibility.

When I returned my wife (well, she wasn’t actually my wife then or even my girlfriend, but I’d obviously worked out that I could dump responsibilties at her door then blame her if things went wrong) had moved to a new flat in a different part of town and claimed not to know anything about the photo album. So I’d lost it.

Every time I go up to Finsbury Park to buy some stationary or bagels I pass the laundrette, but it has never occured to me to see if My Amazing European Photo Album is still there. Until now. I saw a couple go into the flat the other day and thought they looked like reasonable people. I think I will write them a formal letter.

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