The Stauntonian Theory of Possibilities

Football, like life, is all about possibilities. About finding a route and following it. But what if you’re good at lots of different things? Which path should you choose?.

It’s a problem currently facing Irish fooball supremo Stan "Stephen" Staunton. This football polymath is equally good at various activities, such as:

1) throwing or kicking water bottles
2) shouting and screaming at the fourth official
3) Going quiet at press conferences and interviews
4) Getting a round in at FAI events

There are other activities he’s also tried a couple of times:
5) Coaching the players
6) Picking a team
7) Trying to analyse and solve tactical problems

His wise old assistant Sir Bobby Robson says "Stephen has a special talent" . He thinks Staunton will eventually end up as one of a new breed of special teams coaches, solely responsible for screeching obscenities into the fourth offical’s face late in a game with the team trailing.

As for Staunton, his football philosphy can be summed up in a simple equation:

Football = Lads+Fire+Passion+Guts+arresting all journalists – talking – tactics

Q: What are the chances of the Football Association of Ireland dropping a big redundancy package from a tree and it landing on Staunton?

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