The Wonderful Korg MS-10

Ms10There’s really only one way of making the sound of wind and that’s with a Korg MS-10. In fact, if you recorded the sound of real wind and played it after listening to the wind sound of the Korg MS-10, you would think the Korg was the real thing. But this fantastic old synthesizer is not just for making wind type effects (even though, as I’ve already stated, it is FANTASTIC at that) – it’s also great for doing a handclap sound if you can’t get hold of enough people in the studio to make good syncopated ‘real’ handclaps. What’s that? You need to duplicate the sound of a jet engine taking off but you’re miles from the nearest airport? No worries, the Korg MS-10 can do that too.

And if someone knocks on your door and says “Shite – I need to get a bass synth sound just like Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft used. Any ideas?” you simply smile and hand them your Korg MS-10. Just for a lend, of course.

More about the Korg MS-10 here

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