2 foot roll of bubblewrap

I was in my favourite stationery shop in all of London, Fish & Cook on Blackstock Road, to buy some of those horrible ink cartridges for my printer. I was halfway home before I realised that my two year old son had managed to nick a 2 foot roll of bubblewrap (he'd managed to conceal it under his pram). We took it home and I phoned The Stationer. He said he wouldn't get the police involved this time, which was very gracious of him. The 2 foot roll of bubblewrap was immensely versatile and the kids loved using as as a chunky light sabre/intercontinental ballistic missile/head rest. I now wish I'd kept the 2 foot roll of bubblewrap. 

I've a mate who used to have a roadside bubblewrap fetish. I don't love it that much, but it is amazing stuff

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