‘Anticipation’ – Delta Five

(7 inch single)

The kids dance funky style then wiggle their hips, jerking their arms about like little robots. Then when the vocals start they both look at each other with pained expressions and start laughing.

10 year old: That was good until they started singing.

7 year old: Why are they singing like that?

They continue to look troubled as the jerky chorus comes in, then start laughing again. 10 year old starts to tell me about The Little Mermaid, the Disney film, and they both start to do some sort of fishy dance. It’s the two basses sound that they like, though can’t quite explain it. 10 year old starts a robobtic, hippy jive but looks concerned.

“What’s up?”

“It’s pretty rubbish”.

“Why are you dancing, then?”

“Because it’s funky,”

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